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How can you get involved? The mission.

The founders of Winston worked in that area of marketing where technology meets advertising, and they saw firsthand the invasive ways that tracking compromises privacy. 

Surveillance has become the foundation of the modern internet's business model.  Facebook and Google pixels track the majority of the internet at this point (not just Facebook and Google properties), and those companies even have deals set up to track our offline behavior and purchases.  Shadow profiles exist on every living human in America, and your behavioral data is bought and sold on innumerable data exchanges.

The pending Internet of Things will complicate the situation greatly.  Existing privacy settings work on a you-need-to-opt-out basis that is cumbersome and impractical.  The legalese around privacy clouds any decision-making, and privacy settings and forms are consciously engineered to get the average person to make choices against self-interest. The settings and forms also intentionally leverage persuasive psychological principles to influence you against making any change at all. 

"Surveillance is the business model of the internet."
Bruce Schneier

The Harvard Gazette, "On Internet Privacy, Be Very Afraid"
August 2017 

Some privacy safeguards exist, but they're incomplete.  Browser extensions can't be comprehensive, and existing privacy extension offerings at times actually sell your data.  VPNs can be a partial solution, but when it comes to tracking?  They simply send the tracking information requested by companies on a secure channel.  And all a VPN does is encrypt the connection between device and endpoint. You still answer requests for your behavioral data. You're just doing so on an encrypted channel.  

On one hand, the situation feels exhausting, as if no one can do anything about this.  On the other hand, the situation feels extreme, as if someone has to step up to do something. Something has to be done to safeguard privacy for the average internet users, so data isn't collected on you unless you are aware and OK with it.

"We shouldn’t have to choose between using new technologies and keeping our personal information private."

ACLU statement on Internet Privacy
retrieved January 2019

"I don't think things are hopeless, some genius will figure out how to get around all this."

Survey Respondent
Pew Privacy and Information Sharing Study
January 2016

Enter Winston.

At Winston Privacy, we believe you should have control over your own privacy.  So we’re blocking all non-consensual data collection.  Really.  No logging, no loopholes.  No fine print reverses that promise.  Remember Google's abandoned motto, "Don't be evil?"  At Winston, we muse that we can't be evil, because we don't keep your data, and we can't sell what we don't keep.  You are not our product.  The Winston device you buy to protect your online privacy is our product.

Winston goes above and beyond a traditional VPN by encrypting and routing all internet activity through a constantly shifting, distributed network. Our proprietary technologies prevent users from being tracked by obfuscating their digital breadcrumbs.  To scale our distributed private network thoughtfully, we only bring on a limited amount of units online at a time. 

Finally, word of mouth is a potent force when you're on a mission that matters.  If you agree with our mission, please tell people. The privacy situation is worse than the average person thinks, but the average person also believes the privacy situation is hopeless.  Not true.  Winston will make privacy easy.  Winston will do so comprehensively.  If you think we're on to something at Winston, tell others about us.  We would be honored. 

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Take control of your privacy online.

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How Winston Works:

Connect your Winston directly to your router, and your privacy improves in many substantial ways: 

  • Scrambles, encrypts and anonymizes your internet activity.
  • Blocks tracking and ads.
  • One Winston protects your computer, tablet, phone, and all the smart devices in your home. 

"We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness."

George Orwell, 1984